Father You See Queen LP, Worldwide Distribution!

October 27, 2015

Father You See Queen, whom we can only describe as extraordinary, officially release their LP today. Here is the cover. You can find it over in the store.

The sweet and the sour, the smooth and the rough, the clear and the murky - contrast is what Father You See Queen work with. Makr's electronic textures skew Mona's voice just as the dusty vocals shade the beats. The manipulation of opposites and what ranges between are what the duo and their guest contributors work with.

First press available now.

Worldwide Distribution

Also, we'd be silly not to mention the worldwide distrubution we've been enjoying since mid August, via the lovely and amazing Cobraside distribution. Stores and distributors, one stops, etc, grab our releases exclusively over at http://www.cobraside.com ! How does an LP end up out in the store in Tokyo from a Minneapolis label at the equivalent of $16? Because Cobraside rules and because Blood of the Young wants our stuff out there!

There is A LOT of stuff I'd love to talk about, but as per usual I cannot. Expect more frequent updates.

hugs not drugs, and remember who your friends are...

Nick / blood of the young

Qui 7"+ Tour, MONDO MPLS zine, etc.

March 5, 2015

Qui - "The Grace of a Ballerina" b/w "Jackie" [young-049] Limited maroon vinyl!! (Additional percussion by Dale Crover, Produced by Deaf Nephews, photos and layout by David Yow.)

Blood of the Young couldn't be happier to work with these talented fellows. With a slew of 7" releases just out or upcoming, on labels we love such as Three.One.G, Joyful Noise, and Cobraside; as well as past full lengths on Ipecac, Cobraside, and Heart of a Champion, these guys are prolific and we're honored to have been asked to release this 7". Official street date being 03/17, the day their tour starts in Brooklyn with Sebadoh, and continues long into April. Do not miss this tour, you'll be sorely disappointed!

Also, for you people in the twin cities; mark your calendars or clear what you've got on 04/03/15. Qui will be in town for a 7" release party / show at Grumpty's Downtown with Gay Witch Abortion and STNNNG. Quite a bill. Come on down, rock out, get a 7" and maybe even find one of the EXTREMELY limited "blood" editions of the 7" limited to 6. 3 available at the show, 3 via mailorder. If you don't know what the "blood" editions are; think of a crazy label owner, some test pressings, and a razor blade. That's art, baby.

Available now in the online store, ships 03/17 - 03/24.

MONDO MPLS - zine [young-047]

Buckle up and batten down the hatches to prepare your pretty little eyes for the hottest underground publication this side of skid row! MONDO MPLS delivers the rawest and raddest compilation of 100% TRUE stories including drug addled get rich quick schemes, high flying near death experiences, barely legal exploits in the sex industry along with some of the finest underground comics, photographs from renowned scum-bags and a delightful recipe for gluten free cookies!

This little bundle of joy comes jam packed at 64 full color pages lovingly hand folded by Mr. Mondo himself. And since we love you oh so much, we decided to release it with two collectible covers in an array of colors! So act fast before these sell out or are banned by the squares!

(Also here's the flier for the zine release... it's already happened, but Mr. Mondo looks so dope in this pic we just had to share it! :)

There are a lot of exciting developments, release wise and other, upcoming. Stick with us here on on facebook and we'll keep you up to date!

hit it or quit it. with love, nick / blood of the young

young-048 + young-047

January 18, 2015

We are very excited to say Blood of the Young Records & Press is split releasing the Rifle Diet - 'No Solace' LP [young-048] with Profane Existence. Available on Saturday at the release show at the Dogplex!! Don't miss this one, you'll regret it.

So very, very proud of this one. First press of 500, get em while they're hot!

Next up, from the genius that is Dan Hoffstrom, comes the first issue of MONDO MPLS. [young-047] Release date is Valentine's Day. Here's how Dan described it:

Pluck out and polish your eyeballs to prepare for an experience like no other! MONDO MPLS delivers a bodacious buffet served up with unbelievably true stories of the local sex industry, drug addled get rich schemes, a self help guide to radicality along with some of the finest photographs and illustrations from Minneapolis' brightest and boldest of brains!

This publication comes jam packed with 64 full color pages including interactive content and mail in prizes as well as a digital download with bonus pages, saddle stitch bound with custom chrome purple staples in not one but two collectible covers in an array of colors!

This baby drops on Valentines Day and will have a release party the next day in MPLS, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates and be sure to get it while it's hot and bothered!

Exciting new announcements to come soon.

hugs not drugs,
love nick / blood of the young

Tickle Torture Release & NYE Show!

December 29, 2014

We couldn't be prouder to bring you this one...

Tickle Torture - "Spectrophilia" + "Spiritual Machete" LP+7"/DL (young-045) drops officially on 12-31-14 in the 7th St. Entry at NAUGHTYNYE (facebook) with Tawst and your host Lizzo. That shit is way sold out. YOU however can order it right now, even if you didn't get a ticket to the show. Here's a link to the VINYL in the online store.

This vinyl is in fact a 12" LP and a 7" to get all the songs on there, plus you get that digital download goodness as to be expected. Same price as a normal LP because we love you. Maybe even a bonus track on the DL...

The cd version (young-045CD) is also available in the online store.

Sex Funk Magik.

love nick / blood of the young

Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket - DEN SORGLIGASTE MUSIKEN I VÄRLDEN LP Out Now!

October 7, 2014

Smashing genres, out of Stockholm, Sweden comes this burning hot piece of wax. Ex- Khayembii Communique, Song of Zarathustra, Neighbors and a ton of Swedish bands; this band defies genre and delivers one of the most amazing 8 song debut LPs you'll hear this year. The best of 90s hardcore, played by gentleman who have been honing their craft a lot longer than that, mashed with Godspeed You Black Emperor like crescendos. If there is one record this year you need to own, one record that exemplifies pure, raw emotion at it's purest, this is it.

First press on limited blood red vinyl. Split release with Zegema Beach Records. If you're in Canada, order from Zegema Beach.

We could not be prouder to bring this to you.

with love,

Nick / Blood of the Young

Tickle Torture on Vice Again + Neighbors show tomorrow night

September 10, 2014

Tickle Torture can't seem to be stopped right now. After a sold-the-fuck-out 7th St. Entry show, with the illustrious Pony Bwoy opening, and hand made "massage oil" for sale at the merch table; here, the day after the street date and four days after the show, another Noisey feature. This time showcasing the second video from "Spectrophilia" - "You're Gonna Be My Baby" - stay tuned!

Neighbors are playing tomorrow night at Cameo. Not a show to be missed. If you're in New York, I know where you should be tomorrow night.

hugs and kisses, swings and misses - love nick and all at Blood of the Young

Happy Tickle Torture release day!

September 9, 2014

First of all, for you digital only peeps -


iTunes is coming, the approval process seemingly taking longer because of the cover.

CDs are in the webstore.

Vinyl is coming, most definitely. We'll keep you updated re: that.

Also, if you weren't there on Saturday night, you missed this:

In other news, you really ought to head out to Icehouse this evening if you're in the twin cities. White Boyfriend will be performing with Father You See Queen, who will be releasing their s/t LP/DL [young-046] this winter. Check out their site, it's quite nice and may reveal some details of their LP, if you're smart.

hugs not drugs,

love nick / blood of the young

Tickle Torture - "Spectrophilia" E.P. [young-045] Release Show Tonight!

September 6, 2014

Tonight, Saturday 09/06 in the 7th St. Entry, be there for the Tickle Torture release show. It's gonna be nuts. If you haven't yet gotten tickets, I'd highly suggest it as it's getting close to sold out now.

The official street date is 09/09/14. Come on down to the show and get your copy early. King Tickle has informed me of some highly dubious entertainment for the evening. I would not miss this. Pony Bwoy are opening, so crazier things get.

Come party and celebrate the release of the E.P. We're proud to be doing it.

nick / blood of the young

RIP Andrew Richardson

September 5, 2014

Andrew Richardson, The Book of Dead Names tour

You'll notice I'm falling apart. This update relates to the death of Andrew Richardson. He was on so many records on this label it's hard to count. Anyway, I normally hold my updates to a certain standard of non-insanity, i.e., they don't make me sound crazy. But this right here is literally the Blood of the Young... and I can't believe we lost him.

We lost a good one. Andy Richardson and I go back. Back to his old bands that pressed 7"s in high school and I thought it was so fucking amazing. He inspired me, a lot, to do the label. He showed me that it was possible. We went to the same high school, as did the Khayembii Communique guys, and my webmaster who is updating this right now, and so many of our friends and other scene people it's weird. So many of us go back to being teenagers.

Andy played guitar in The Crush, who did a 7", a full length, and a split 7" on Blood of the Young before getting signed to Billy Joe's Adeline Records and putting out their second full length via Adeline. They did well and toured the damn UK with Green Day for fuck's sake. He was also in The Book of Dead Names, who I thought would go on forever. But this time it really is the end. Though the second LP is close to done, and discussions among band members would seem to confirm we WILL finish this and get the few final tweaks Andy wanted done, and done the way he wanted them done. More to come on that.

Please help out with the memorial fund if you can, it's to benefit his wife and 3 year old child, Bronson.

From everyone here at Blood of the Young (which, honestly, is really just a few people) we wish Moe and Bronson the best, and want them to know that they are in our thoughts. If the world wide web does stick around for a while, when you're older Bronson; just so you know your dad was pretty fucking cool. One of the coolest ever.

Recording the new Book of Dead Names LP

Skott Free playing Tanner's garage

The Book of Dead Names, St. Louis

The Infinity Dive and Ereshkigal on tour

The Book of Dead Names

The Book of Dead Names, somewhere in the US, 1999/2000

With Book of Dead Names roadie and friend Chris Steeber

The Crush in Chicago, 2001

Dr. Andrew Richardson in the studio, 2010

Andrew Richardson

The Crush on Tour/Atlanta '87

The Book of Dead Names, November 12th 2012

Andrew Richardson with his sister Kate Richardson, August 31 2014

Tickle Torture - "You're Gonna Be My Baby" Video Premier

August 27, 2014

Today we bring you the second video/single from Tickle Torture's upcoming "Spectrophilia" EP (12"+DL/CD/Digi) [young-045 / young-045cd]. This release drops 09-09-14, with a release show in the 7th St. Entry on Saturday 09-06-14. If you want it early, head to the show!

Without further ado, here is the second song off of the EP, "You're Gonna Be My Baby".

We're so very proud to be doing this release. Enjoy the 2nd song and come out to the show on 09-06. You will not regret it, I assure you. This show is going to be nuts.

More to come, including the news of a release date for the Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket LP, following soon after Tickle Torture.

Also, a reminder not to miss Blackthorne killing it over at FUCK MOUNTAIN on Friday night. If you need the address, get in touch with Nick or Travis and as always, respect the space.

love nick / blood of the young

Neighbors - 'Failure' LP+DL Available Now!

August 26, 2014

It's a great day here at Blood of the Young. Not only can we tell you that the new Neighbors - 'Failure' [young-043] LP+DL is in the webstore and available for purchase, but also that you can find it at find independent record stores around Minneapolis / St. Paul, and soon much, much further out into the world.

Beyond that, behold the incredible power that lies within the upcoming Father You See Queen's s/t LP/DL. [young-046] You can find the first track to be revealed to the world over on the Blood of the Young YouTube page.

More exciting news tomorrow!

With love,
Nick / Blood of the Young

Tickle Torture Drops First Video / Single From Spectrophilia EP!

July 29, 2014

Head on over to Noisey and check out the first video / single from Tickle Torture's upcoming EP, "Spectrophilia" [young-045.] Peep the video and get ready, this release is a scorcher.

This will be released both as a LP+DL / CD / Digi. We're very proud to be involved in this one.

Neighbors - 'Failure' [young-043] LP+DL have arrived, and hit the streets officially 08-19-14, with a release show at Glasslands on the preceding Saturday 08-16-14. If you're in New York, I know where you should be on 08-16. This record is really good.

Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket — “Den Sorgligaste Musiken I Världen” LP+DL [young-041] is at the plant. Waiting on test pressings. This record is a split release with Zegema Beach Records from Canada. Blood red vinyl, limited to 1st press only. This record is epic. Ex- Khayembii Communique, etc. More to come on this one.

More upcoming news. Hugs not drugs,
love nick / blood of the young / the whole staff

Tickle Torture EP

July 8, 2014

Two days, two extremely exciting announcements.

Blood of the Young is overjoyed to announce we will be bringing you the first physical Tickle Torture release. “Spectrophilia” [young-045 / young-045cd] is accompanied by the first, digital only Tickle Torture e.p. “Spiritual Machete“ as well. One package, one price, all sexy.

If you've been living under a rock, who is Tickle Torture you ask?

Tickle Torture is the sex-pop soundtrack for a new generation of freaks. His first EP, “Spiritual Machete” (2012), felt like catching Justin Timberlake and Prince making out in a dumpster full of broken synthesizers. Equal parts electro-funk and sleaze, “Spectrophilia” has further expanded this sound, incorporating the influences of trashy disco, post-Yeezus experimental hip-hop production sensibilities, and 80’s synth drenched R&B classics to create a one-of-a-kind maximalist assault. Feeding on the sweaty energy left from the funk dynasty of his home base in Minneapolis, one man producer, composer, engineer Elliott Kozel created these tracks over the course of the past year. This do-everything-yourself aesthetic expands into every aspect of the project, from creating his own masks and costumes, to styling and producing many of his own music videos. His sexual, chaotic live shows are half-party, half-performance art, and include a full live band, a team of backup dancers, an arsenal of confetti cannons, strobe lights and video projections.

In the local scene, Tickle Torture has expanded into production work for some of Minneapolis’ finest talents, including Caroline Smith (with whom he co-wrote the nasty ”Fuck Me With The Lights On”) as well as the international rising star Lizzo. Album track “Ready for Love” features local R&B luminary Ashley Dubose, who recently reached a national audience via NBC’s The Voice, melding his experimental electronics and her Neo-Soul leanings into a slinky yet aggressive club banger.

With this 5 song EP and 4 music videos set to launch this fall, Tickle Torture is poised to deliver his raw, sexual vision of the future of dance music.

For now, enjoy the video for “Forgotten” off of “Spiritual Machete” and get ready for the first single and video from “Spectrophilia” to drop in the coming weeks. We'll make sure to let you know!

Father You See Queen LP

July 7, 2014

In highly exciting news here at Blood of the Young, we are ecstatic to announce we will be bringing you Father You See Queen's self-titled LP, upcoming this winter. [young-046]

As a lovely taste of the band, enjoy this exquisite 3D enabled video for “Oceans” off of their “47” E.P. below, premiered over at The Current earlier today:

The LP is amazing. We're listening to is a lot here at BOTY HQ. Trust us when we say, you will be as well.

More news to come rather soon. Until then...

Nick / Blood of the Young

Interview With Melting Wizard, Track Free Through End of Month

May 30, 2014

So we opted to keep Croix Clayton’s “Melting Wizard” track (young-042dl) free until the end of the month. Celebrate 15 years with us. Get on it if you want the track free, and now. It’s really, really good. Haunting. Download it here:

And seeing as we’re talking about Croix, check out the following interview. Really, really well done by Jeremy Woodson. Read it here.

In other news, Neighbors have premiered the third video from ‘Failure’ (digital out by the band already, LP/DL up next from us here. [young-043] ) Check out this awesome video, for yet another killer song off of this monumental album.

More news coming, and thanks for sticking around. We’d tell you more if we could, but cannot yet. Big announcements coming.

Hugs not drugs,

love nick / the rest of the blood of the young staff

Neighbors Interview and Blackthorne at the Triple Rock TONIGHT!

May 9, 2014

The nice people at ThrdCoast just posted an interview with Neighbors — whom you may recall we are doing the LP/DL of 'Failure' (young-043) for. Check it out!

And if you're in the Twin Cities, you want to be at the Triple Rock Social Club Tonight. Blackthorne. Blood, Sweat and Beards (final show.) Anchor Windlass. Nightosaur. Be there or be [].

And don't forget that Melting Wizard is a free download until the 15th!

Celebrating 15 Years With 4 New Releases and a New Website!

May 1, 2014

It’s been 15 years, today, since we first started dripping blood in the form of music, drained from the artists we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years. A lot has happened in that time, and since being back (we came back the day the world was supposed to end, 12/21/12) we’ve dropped three releases we’re incredibly proud of: Croix Clayton’s novella The Gate of Xibalba, or, The White Road (young-037) , Marijuana Deathsquads’ opus The River 12” (young-038), and Blackthorne’s debut Necroshark 7” e.p. (young-039). We’re incredibly proud of all of these releases, and have more stuff headed your way. Up first, right now, available for free for 15 days to celebrate 15 years since the first release (The Khayembii Communique s/t 7”)…

Melting Wizard

Meet Melting Wizard. Taste the first Melting Wizard track (young-042dl) for free, and help us celebrate.


Next up, Neighbors are a killer band from Brooklyn, and you really ought to check them out. We’re doing the vinyl of their new album ‘Failure’ (young-043) released digitally on 03/25. Street date to be announced. To get an idea, here are the first two videos off of their new album:

Neighbors - “Wild Enough” Video (Spin)
Neighbors – “Last Of A Kind” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

They’ve just charted #132 on the CMJ top 200 which is pretty cool.

Post these two releases, two more are coming that are fleshed out enough we’ll mention them at this point:

Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket

VSAVSM — or Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket — are an amazing hardcore band from Stockholm, Sweden. We are releasing their first LP, “Den Sorgligaste Musiken I Världen” (young-041). Ex-members of The Khayembii Comminuque, Song Of Zarathustra, Cardinal Sin, Ruh, Interlace, Neighbors, Speemarket Avenue, Young Team, and The Comedy.


Last, but most certainly not least, we have L.I.V., or Live Instructional Video. We’re doing their debut release, a cassette/DL entitled “Lazerjuice” (young-044cs.) These guys will entice you to get on their spaceship if you’re not careful.

If you’re in the twin cities, don’t miss their Art-A-Whirl show, it’s going to be quite a show.

Cheers, and here’s to 15 years of Blood. More releases are coming, and yes we will talk about them when we can. Oh and yes, there is most definitely a second Book of Dead Names LP coming. (young-040) We’ll let you know more on that when we can.

Blackthorne - “Necroshark” 7" Out Now in Our Online Store

December 18, 2013

The Blackthorne - 'Necro Shark' 7" EP is available in the online store now. First press of 1100 on black vinyl. You will *not* be disappointed. Get this one now. These guys are picking up speed *fast.* Look out for their upcoming split 4 way 12" on Learning Curve!

Blackthorne - “Necroshark” 7" release & December residency at Grumpy’s Downtown, Marijuana Deathsquads come home after a killer tour, etc.

December 5, 2013

Blackthorne — “Necroshark” 7” ep [young-039] available first on 12/07/13 at their first saturday residency show, with a proper Tuesday release date of 12/10/13 for stores and distributors, and in our online store. This 7" ep includes a digital download code, they are all the rage you know kids. Available on iTunes for you people lacking record players (Hello, Mcfly?) on 12/16/13.

May get all dorky on ya and do a show edition w/ test pressings *limited* to like 8. Record geeks just giving ya a heads up. One for each track on this *INSANELY KILLER* 7" that Blood of the Young is proud to bring you. More details on that.

Blackthorne will continue throughout the month of December with their Saturday residency at Grumpy’s DT.

Blackthorne’s 2nd release will be on a split 12” w/ STNNNG, Blacklisters, & Hey Colussus on Learning Curve Records. Nice. Looking forward to hearing that one, sounds like a pretty hot piece of wax to me!

Check out the new logo as well... just like the band, the logo keeps getting tougher.


I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned the online store where you can get covered in blood. Marijuana Deathsquads - “The River” 12" 45 RPM Gatefold w/ digi DL [young-038, also available on iTunes] or Croix Clayton's incredible novel [young-037].. so check out the online store and buy some blood. We'll keep it flowing if you do... well, and if you don't, because it's our passion.

Thanks to everyone who should be thanked, you all know who you are.

Check out new mpls band TYTEJEFF - with Jeff Allen formerly of the Plastic Constellations, Blood of the Young alums as some of you may recall, after split releasing their first full length back in the day with Tom over at Modern-Radio.

Rock over Chicago (or mpls as the case may be)

nick / blood of the young

p.s. we've got some tricks up our sleeve. details soon(ish) regarding some upcoming releases we're damn proud of. and won't talk more about until...

Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12" Now Available on iTunes

November 9, 2013

Quick update: Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12"/DL is now available on iTunes. Head to this link if you're an mp3 only non vinyl person. That’s that for now, more news to come. Go see Marijuana Deathsquads as they cross the country with Poliça, you won’t regret it.

Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12" Out Now in Our Online Store

October 29, 2013

Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12" / digi [young-038] is officially released today. Look for it here on our new storenvy store — with mailorder done by the lovely Luke from Drone Not Drones — as well as at independent record stores all over Minneapolis and St. Paul. The 45 RPM 12" includes a digital download.

Interested stores and distributors email [email protected].

Also, look for Marijuana Deathsquads on tour for the next month with Poliça. They are all sure to be killer shows, starting with Halloween in Milwaukee, sure to be a night to remember!

hugs not drugs,
blood of the young

Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12" Street Date 10/29/13 Mailorder available now!

October 25, 2013

The street date for Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12" / digi release [young-038] is now officially 10/29/13. This makes the third week in a row Marijuana Deathsquads has dropped a release, and is two days prior to their first show of a month long tour with Poliça. Again, distros and stores etc interested in obtaining copies, email [email protected]. Mailorder is available now: “The River” gatefold 12" first press edition of 1100 is $15 (if you buy direct from me or my mailorder guy in town) or $19 postage paid. (Yeah, USPS postage rates really do suck now.) They will be in local independent record stores in the twin cities in the next few days. For you non record player owning people, it will be available on Itunes and other digital retailers as well.

Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” One-sheet PDF, 2.6MB

Re-stock for Croix Clayton’s “THE GATE OF XIBALBA, OR, THE WHITE ROAD” novel [young-037] is here, and again these copies are the last of the first editions. Pick up the book at fine local book and record stores, and of course via mailorder and distro. $15 in person, $18 postage paid. The first edition is of 200, so you might want to get on this if you want a first edition.

Blackthorne — “Necroshark” 7" [young-039] is up next. Some of the best thrash / power violence / metal around. The artwork is coming along beautifully. More details to be announced when we have them. Don't miss them tonight @ Neisen's.

More to come from the soon to be even colder confines of Minneapolis.

with love,
Blood of the Young

Forthcoming Releases

October 4, 2013

Hello out there, sentient beings.

To update a bit:

Marijuana Deathsquads — “The River” 12" [young-038] is at the plant. Physical copies of the 12" / digital release are expected whilst the band is on tour with Poliça, during the month of November. This record sounds and looks incredible. Our official release date is bouncing between tuesdays at the moment. Blood of the Young will update you as soon as further info is available. Copies will be available via mailorder and at local Minneapolis / St. Paul stores before they hit distributors. (distributors: [email protected])

Croix Clayton’s “THE GATE OF XIBALBA, OR, THE WHITE ROAD” novel [young-037] (re)stock is in! These copies will be the last of the first editions. The book will be available at fine local book and record stores, and of course via mailorder and distro. $18 postage paid. The first edition is of 200, so you might want to get on this. The book is really quite good.

Blackthorne — “Necroshark” 7" [young-039] is up next. Some of the best thrash / power violence / metal around. The recording is incredible, thanks to BOTY alumni Knol Tate, of The Hidden Chord and Askeleton, and currently his new (killer) band, Deleter. The artwork will also be incredible, thanks to another BOTY alum, Jason Miller, of The Crush, and more recently his band The Evening Rig, who put out an *excellent* full length themselves. Buy the record, you won’t regret it.

The Book of Dead Names - LP 2 (no title yet) [young-040] is coming along just dandy. Dr. Richardson the mad scientist (of The Infinity Dive, The Crush, etc) has been slaving away behind various devices and twisting all kinds of knobs to bring you the follow up to “And the Story Unfolds.” We’d give you more info but then the band would have to kill us. And they will do it, trust me. [Why do you think so many people have been in this band? Where do you think they go? Yep, that’s right, they talked.]

There are more projects in the works but well, we’ve learned in the past on mentioning too much up front. So, there ya go. Some uber cool stuff in the works.

Major congrats to homies @ Totally Gross National Product, Modern Radio, and Doomtree for all making the top 10 best twin cities record labels. All three have been killing it for a bit here. This city is lucky. (...and of course to my buddy Ian and his label 25 Diamonds, for making the honorable mentions!)

hugs & bloody kisses, swings & misses - nick / blood of the young

p.s. no matter what you hear, I’m not dead.

THE RIVER — Marijuana Deathsquads Streaming Now!

May 14, 2013 young-038d

Marijuana Deathsquads is the ever-evolving, experimental project lead by Ryan Olson, (producer/writer of POLIÇA and GAYNGS), Isaac Gale, and Stefon Alexander (P.O.S). With multiple drummers, a slew of electronic instruments, and highly effected vocals, their live shows are a violent onslaught of improvised yet tightly woven, jagged, intricate experimental sound. The band will be releasing two new E.P.s this month; Music Rocks 1 & 2, via Totally Gross National Product, at the end of a highly successful residency at the Icehouse in Minneapolis.

“The River”—while released today for streaming so that it is available before this Friday’s performance of the piece at the third of five residency shows (at the aforementioned Icehouse)—will see a physical release in early fall. The physical 12” / digital release will see the light of day via Blood of the Young, and we couldn’t be more proud to say that the first new music from the label in a decade is from Marijuana Deathsquads. Dig it.

“The River” is based on a piece written for Czeslaw's Loop, a two day art installation on the Mississippi River that took place in North East Minneapolis in May, 2011. Marijuana Deathsquads performed as a 14 member band (7 drummers), in the rain, on a houseboat and homemade floating stage in the middle of the river.

Ryan and Isaac went down to the river and beat on pots and pans to try and figure out the tempo of the echoes on the river. Who knows if it was successful, but they figured it was 76bpms. (And Ryan now has one less pot, it having been destroyed via said beating.)

The cast of characters on this piece:
Ryan Olson, Isaac Gale, Stef Alexander, Ben Ivascu, Freddy Votel, Drew Christopherson, Joe Christopherson, Ryan Olcott, Jesse Whitney, John Coe, Andy Fritz, Sean Hartman, Seth Rosetter, Varun Kataria, Mark McGee, Jason Power, Albert Elmore, Jeremy Nutzman.

Recorded by: BJ Burton at April Base.
Mixed by: Marijuana Deathsquads
Mastered by: Huntley Miller


December 12, 2012 young-037

An experimental, non-linear narrative composed using Surrealist Automatic Writing techniques, and modeled on the 22 chapters of the Book Of Revelations of John (and the 22 major arcana of the tarot, on which Revelations itself was modeled), The Gate Of Xibalba is the absurdly visceral tale of millionaire playboy sociopath Christian Saxon- Banks, time-traveling golden boy of the White Road project, a secretive cabal of scientific, political, military and economic bigwigs bent on exploiting the geostrategic advantages of a rapidly emerging psychic high-technology, powered by human sacrifice.

“Mining the psychic and mythological territory explored and devastated by William S. Burroughs, Diego De Landa, and even H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton-Smith, Croix Clayton’s glittering cosmos of word-images is a calculated attempt to invent new directions for the genre called science fiction by removing the constraints of both space and time.”
- V.Vale of Re/Search Publications

Croix Cambria Clayton has been an active member of the Twin Cities creative arts community for over a decade. He has performed or displayed work at the Walker, Soap Factory, and Minneapolis Institute of Arts. As a musician he has played with The American Monsters, Thank You, and Young Quitters. He holds a BA in Film from the University of MN and this is his first novel.

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