RedBox TV vs Terrarium Tv – ShowDown

This post is regarding the comparison between Redbox tv and terrarium tv. These two are the famous lifestreaming android application which is competing for head to toe in the market. These two apps might have a similar interface but works differently. Redbox tv is based on live streaming and terrarium tv is a server-based application.

Redbox tv vs terrarium tv

On Redbox Tv, you can live stream movies, matches, and tv shows for free. While on terrarium tv you can watch and download any movie and tv show form last 10 years as all the file has been hosted on dedicated servers. In my opinion terrarium tv is the best streaming application as you can watch whenever you like and whatever you like but in Redbox tv, you can watch only the live streaming shows.

Features which make Redbox Tv differ from Terrarium tv

Terrarium TV

  1. Watch any movie from past 10 years
  2. Download any movie you wish to watch
  3. Latest Updates every weekend
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Live streaming not available

Redbox Tv

  1. Live tv and movie streaming
  2. Downloading movies
  3. Stream Matches and other sports
  4. Live updates every day
  5. 1000 of channel languages


Top Android Apps to install in 2018 [Latest Update]

Android Phones are not just a communication device, Android apps enable our phones to do multiple amazing things like you can even use your phone to measure your blood pressure, heart rate and your calories burn rate. There are thousands of different applications available on play store that you must try, but we understand that you don’t have time to try all the apps and find the useful one, so here in this article we have listed the top apps that you must install on your phone.

Top Android Apps 2018

Top 5 Android Apps 2018

  1. Spotify: If you are a music lover, Spotify is a must have application. On Spotify, you can listen to millions of songs for free legally. You can also follow your favorite artists on Spotify and get updates on their work on your notification and you will also be notified when they release a new album. You can also subscribe to Spotify premium and get extra benefits like downloading of songs and playlists. If you are looking for a free option, look out for Spotify premium free.
  2. Netflix: Netflix is an Online Movies/Shows streaming app that lets you watch latest movies and Tv shows in HD quality for a small subscription fee. Netflix has almost all the Hollywood movies, and many regional movies/shows are also available on Netflix. If boredom surrounds you every day, then Netflix will keep you entertained as well as your knowledge will improve for sure.
  3. Tinder: Are you a Social buzz? And love to go on dates and have new experiences, tinder is the app you need. tinder is an online dating application that is available for android, ios, and all the major operating systems. Through tinder’s Left and right swipe you can choose your partners and when they right swipe you too, you get a match and you can start having chats.
  4. Facebook messenger: Operating facebook through the main Facebook app is hectic sometimes when your only motive is to have chats and use the facebook messenger feature, you must Install facebook messenger app that makes chatting with your Facebook friends easy, and you can also make audio and video calls for free using the messenger app.
  5. Terrarium Tv: It is a movie streaming app that lets you watch any movie or tv show for free. All the latest show on Netflix and Amazon Prime are available on this app and you can watch it in many formats including 1080p, 720p, 360p and many more. The amazing app Terrarium TV is an entertainment packed android application which has lakhs of TV serials, movies, and web series.


Hope you enjoyed knowing about new applications that might be useful to you in your day to day activities. If you liked our choices of apps and would like to share it with your friends, then please go ahead and share this link on all your social media profiles. And if you want to add any suggestion to this list, you can share through comments.

What is Netflix? Why you must Install it on your phone right now.

Android is one of the most used operating systems around the world in 2018, and it is preferred over other operating systems on Smartphones because of the versatile features that these phones provide. there are millions of useful android apps available on Android play store that might come of use to you in your day to day life. Today in this article we are about to discuss an app called “Netflix“, in this article, we will provide you all details about Netflix and latest Nextflix APK Download link.

Netflix APK Download for android

Netflix Features

Netflix is an online Movie/web series/Tv-Series streaming app that lets you watch all its series and movies for a small subscription fee that they charge every month. If you are wondering what is the function of Netflix, Then read the complete features list of this app given below.

  • You can watch Almost any Hollywood movie legally, you don’t have to feel guilty for supporting any piracy, By watching Movies and shows on Netflix, you are actually contributing towards the success of your favorite movie.
  • All videos are 1080p Quality with a high-speed server that lets you watch those quality movies without much buffering.
  • English Subtitles are available for all the movies and shows hosted on Netflix, for most of the movies multiple language subtitles are available for free.
  • Movies/Shows are available in multiple languages, all the videos are available in all the languages the movie/show was dubbed.
  • You can log in from any place around the world and get entertained using the app.

hope by now you must be aware of everything about Netflix and waiting for the download link, Download and install using the method given below.

Tip: If you want to use a service like Netflix for free, try Terrarium tv, it is an app that gives almost all the features of Netflix for free.

Netflix Download

Follow the below-given steps to download Netflix for your android phone.

  1. Download Netflix from the Android Play store and install it.
  2. once Netflix is Installed completely, open it from the Android home screen.
  3. Click on “join” Button and sign up using your personal details
  4. Enter your credit card details and subscribe to the service.

Now you should be able to browse through Netflix and start watching new movies and shows and enjoy.


Netflix is the leading entertainment app in the world and you can exploit it to kill your boredom and watch latest movies legally in HD. If you have any problem in installing Netflix you can leave a comment here below, we will try to help you through your problem if possible.