What Is ROM And Types Of ROM (Stock ROM & Custom ROM)?

When you buy any computer or smartphone, you need an Operating System so that your device works. This operating system contains all files which are required by any android device. In this article, we will explain ROM and its two types of ROM – Stock ROM & Custom ROM. 

What Is ROM?

The term ROM stands for Read-only memory. It is the main memory chip in your device, which makes your machine work even if your device is off. It is different from RAM because it contains your Operating System.

It is essential for any device. After all, the Operating System is the primary system that helps your smartphone to open and work for you. Operating System is an in-built software that allows your device to store data and make your device work.

There are two types of ROM

  1. Stock ROM
  2. Custom ROM

What Is Stock ROM?

Stock ROM is an Operating System that is pre-installed in your device by the manufacturer. It has many specifications features and some pre-installed apps like google g suite and other apps that come with your smartphone. 

Many pre-installed apps are not useful for you and such a waste in your device, which also makes your device slow and occupy additional storage in your smartphone. If you don’t use pre-installed apps, then you must delete them and download some useful apps.

What Is The Custom ROM?

Custom ROM refers to Phone firmware, based on Google’s Android platform as Android is open-source, so any developer can edit the code and recompile it. Android users can change the performance and appearance of their Android devices. 

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The Android community creates this Custom ROM. They regularly updated, and they try to fix bugs for the user and make it more manageable and comfortable for its users after replacing your stock ROM from any custom ROM without any pre-installed app in your device. So you can use any application, Whether it is rooted or not. 

You can use any application after downloading the latest custom ROM in your Device. It also provides the latest Android version, which makes your old smartphone into the newest smartphone.

Android Root VS Custom ROM

The android root is different from Custom Rom because ROM is an open-source operating system that can customize any update by experts in Android Community. It helps in upgrading your device OS to the latest OS so that you can use all the latest features of Brand New Android Phone in your Old smartphone for free. 

Whereas, Any android Root helps your device to manage your device quickly and optimize your tool, which helps in improving the performance of your device. Also, your smartphone battery capacity and use any rooted application in your device. Try Kingroot Apk for easy and safely root your smartphone.

Benefits Of Custom ROM

Custom ROM helps your old smartphone work like the latest smartphone because if you download the latest Custom ROM of Android 10 in your smartphone when you have been using android 6 for many years.

You will feel like you bought a brand new phone when you can have all features, and also it removes all OEM-installed apps, which makes more storage in your device. 

It helps in optimizing your battery life by removing all unnecessary apps which run in your battery and waste your battery. You get all the latest updates that are available in that particular ROM; also, get easy access to Rooted apps in your device. 

You get many amazing features for optimization, but the best features are you can install all your apps in SD Card, which is very beneficial for your smartphone internal storage. It makes your smartphone more smooth in use.

Drawback of Custom ROM

When you install any other Operating system in your device, then you have to delete your pre-installed Operating system, which comes with your device. So if your smartphone is in warranty, then you may lose it because you replaced Stock ROM to Custom ROM. 

You need to pick a custom ROM according to your device specification if you download a very heavy ROM which is not compatible for your device then it might harm your appliance in some way.

Whenever you install Custom ROM, all previous data stored in your device is erased. So, make sure that you keep back up every time.

Final Words 

You can download any version of Custom ROM if it is available for your smartphone and enjoy all the latest features of the Operating System and also use any application. Make sure that you do this at your own risk.

We are not developers but can provide all valuable information. If you want the latest custom of your smartphone, then you can easily reach us by using the Contact Us page.

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