What Features Makes Minecraft Better Than Fortnite?

Fortnite has a huge fan base, which makes this game world-famous because of its Fantastic “PlayGround” Mode and unlimited accessories for your character. Enjoy One-hour gameplay, where you have to jump, kill enemies, a fantastic graphic that makes this game favorite of many people around the world. 

Whereas, Minecraft is a simple and old school game which gives you real-life experience and improves your creativity level. In Minecraft, You get many online modes where you can compete with other players. Minecraft gives real-life experience because you can create an imaginary world in this game. Also, Improve your creativity for making buildings, Mining Tunnels, and many more features. Know more features of Minecraft in your previous blog on its latest version.

Is Minecraft better or Fortnite?

Minecraft is better than Fortnite according to me because, In the latest version of Minecraft, All previous Bugs fixed in the newest version. You can independently play this whole game, and it can take more than a year for completing a single project. 

You don’t need any partner for help or no need to depend on any other player. You can use this game in any android device like a smartphone or tablet and never face any issue in lagging or graphics. It is available on Play-Store, but you need to pay a few bucks and get all paid stuff while installing it on your smartphone. You can enjoy this game on almost all platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android, iOS, etc. and improve your skills and creativity.  

Whereas, In Fortnite, We enjoy battleground experience in its One Hour “PlayGround” Mode and compete with other players every time. Now you can easily download its latest version from Google Play for free, but when you start playing this game, it makes you buy and pay for unnecessary stuff just to make your character look good. 

It has aggressive gameplay that can be harmful to some people. Without aggression, You can’t win in this game. It allows you to play only 1-hour gameplay, and you have to survive among different players around this world. After that game, you need to start a new game again. 

Why Choose Minecraft Over Fortnite?

Both games have a different fan base because of their different gameplay. We have an analysis of both games. Know both games in brief and choose the best match and worth it for your time.

According to my study, I prefer Minecraft against Fortnite because it has peaceful gameplay as compared to Fortnite. If you want to know more reasons, then you must read the full article. 

Minecraft#1 Best Game Of 2020

Minecraft is the best game for all age group people. At the same time, Fortnite needs to restrict this game for underage children because of its aggressive gameplay and to kill other players just to win in-game harms “younger players” minds. 


You have to create your imaginary world in-game, which improves your thinking ability and makes you connect with the real-world. So, you can get benefits like improving skills, creativity, and playing with your five friends and together building yours in a crazy world. 

In Creative Mode of Minecraft, You can play many mini-games, Challenge Games, and Creative plots for a better experience of this game. You can install any mod features easily, which you can’t get in the regular version. 

This game has 5 Difficulty levels like Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardcore from which you can choose and start playing this game according to your capability and experience for better gameplay.

As Minecraft developed by Sweden Company, They are helping African Government and giving charity for improving things in Africa. This caring behavior of developers motivates more people to help a person in need and makes different from other money seeker developers.

Pros Of Minecraft 

  • Improve Skills like Creativity, Leadership, Independent, etc. They are also Improve thinking level. 
  • Peaceful Gameplay.
  • Many communities to contact with other Minecraft Users.
  • Independent for Making Decisions in-game.
  • Try other modes like mini-games, challenge games, or creative plots.
  • Learn Moral Stuff, which makes you a good human being.
  • A single task can take more than a year to complete.
  • Build, Defend, or Dug and create some which you want in your private world.
  • Play Together with other online players or friends
  • It can add any mod features easily.
  • Players of any age group can enjoy this game.
  • Easily Download New Maps
  • Learn Moral Value for Real-World
  • Creative Projects can for Movies or TV Show
  • Available for all devices like Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
  • Create and build your world, which can take more than a year to complete.

Cons Of Minecraft

  • You have to pay for downloading this game on any device.
  • Also, You have to pay in-store for extra stuff if you want from the store.
  • Very time-consuming and Addictive.
  • Interface or UI is a little childish.

After going through these points, You can start liking this game. You can download its latest version of Minecraft Apk in your Android Device For Free without paying a single penny. Also, Its Paid version is available on Google Play-Store. Both are safe for your Android Device or SmartPhone.

Fortnite #1 Best Battle Royale Gameplay

This game is the most rated game that provides the best Battle Royale experience to its users. This game has a huge fan base, and mostly Kids from different countries used to play this game. You can enjoy its gameplay on any device like Xbox, Android, PlayStation, PC, etc. 

It is available on play-store or AppStore, and you can download its latest version from google-play-store after paying an amount, but if you don’t have money to spend, no need to worry because you can download its latest version for free from third-party websites. 


You get fantastic graphics and a very Colourful UI, which is preferable for kids only. Adult Players don’t focus on colors or stuff. You can buy many crazy items from an in-built store of Fortnite. 

In Battle Royale or PlayGround, You have to survive for a maximum of 1 hour, and in this hour, you have to collect necessary items, explore different places and defeat other players by killing them with Guns, Knife, Swords, Bombs, and many other kinds of stuff.

Fortnite is developed by an American Company, which also created a famous game Unreal Engine and has a Huge Fan Base around the world. You can buy different stuff like masks, clothes, etc. after paying real money. Just make your character look excellent and unique from other players. 

It improves your strategy, making skills, and different ways of surviving in the Fortnite world. Get its latest version from the app-store or play-store without paying any money. For Xbox or Playstation, You need to buy this game from their platform only. 

Jump with your Friend and team up with any players available at that time. Enjoy the same maps, same gameplay, same features, etc. as you get on Paid Platforms like Xbox or PlayStation in your smartphone.

Pros Of Fortnite 

  • Best Battle Royle with incredible Platform
  • Free To Download in Smartphone.
  • Buy Premium Stuff for its Store.
  • Make your character different from others.
  • Weekly Updates
  • New Featured Islands every day.
  • Team Up with friends or online players
  • Survive One hour to win.
  • Use different items for Gearing Up even after landing in Battle.
  • Try unique weapons
  • Land in any location can compete with opponents. 
  • Free For SmartPhones.
  • Enjoy different modes to improve skills in-game.
  • Feel like playing an expensive Xbox or any game station on your smartphone.
  • Huge Fan base

Cons Of Fortnite

  • Unwanted expenses of real money just make your character look good.
  • Aggressive Gameplay.
  • Make you angry whenever you see any enemy.
  • Affect your lifestyle
  • Not Good for Underage kids but mostly users or underage.
  • Extra Colourful Maps which is annoying
  • Required gaming Skills 
  • Many Unnecessary items
  • Limited Maps
  • Lag some time because of heavy graphics.
  • Need to Connect with a good internet server
  • Can’t Use Offline
  • Make people additive easily and Waste of time.
  • Only One-hour gameplay in which you can also die if someone kills you
  • Single Map for all games.

After knowing the pros and cons of these games in detail. You choose the best game according to your preference and taste. 

Note: We are not promoting any game. We are just providing detailed information to our users. So, They can choose the best games and have good experiences while spending time playing these games. So, Know in brief before installing anything in your SmartPhone.

Safe Way To Download Minecraft Apk & Fortnite Apk

These games are available on AppStore and play store for both android and iOS users. You can also buy these games on your Xbox or Playstation. Minecraft is available to download only after paying its amount on the play store, but many people can’t pay its amount.

Therefore they can easily download its latest version from any third-party websites. Get the latest version of Minecraft PE Apk from here, which works for android devices.

Whereas Fortnite is free to download and play, but if you can buy any items from the store, then you have to pay for it, which is in-app purchases. You can use Lucky Patcher to acquire in-app purchases in android devices for free. Get its latest version from Play Store for Android devices

Which is Best (Minecraft Or Fortnite)?

Both games are the best-rated games of 2020, and both game have a huge fan base around the world after comparing and knowing about both games detail. We decided that Minecraft is better than Fortnite because its peaceful gameplay and easy interface allow all age group people to enjoy this game and improves skills and creativity in its user. You learn many moral thoughts and improve creativity levels while enjoying this game. 

It is not suitable for kids and many other users because of its aggressive gameplay. Also, You have to waste your money on unnecessary items and can’t learn a single good value from this game. 

You can download the latest version of Minecraft Apk on your Android device easily from play store, app-store, or any other third party website and enjoy all features in your smartphone.


We researched various platforms, communities, and analysis that Minecraft is better than Fortnite or any other Battle Royale game. You get to learn many things while playing this game and use it in your daily lifestyle. If you can any queries or feedback related to this analysis, feel free to use the Contact Us page.

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