Minecraft Apk [Pocket Edition] – Latest Version 1.1.7 For Android Device


Now you can craft and mine in your own created world. Try Minecraft on your smartphone, Xbox, origin, etc, and explore the creative world of Minecraft. Join their community and improve your skills and your crafting skills. It depends on you whether you want to create, explore, or survive with your friends or community members.

minecraft pe apk

Minecraft is world-famous games and millions of people play this game across the world. Explore its creative mode for unlimited resources and mine deep into the world. You can craft different weapons and armor for dangerous mode. If you want to use this game on your smartphone then it’s a free 30-day trial and after that, you have to pay $6.99 from the play store. Also, you can buy this from the version app store and gaming platform but if you want to use it for free then read the full article. 

Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Apk is for mobile users So that everyone can play this game anytime from anywhere and enjoy its all latest features. This is a 3d sandbox game which helps you to become more creative and build your own 3d world. This game is developed by Mojang which is a Sweden company. Now, this version is paid and you can buy its paid version from the play store or visit the official website of Mojang. If you want to download its free version then click on the link given below.

Features of Minecraft PE Apk 

Name Of The AppMinecraft PE (Pocket Edition)
CategoryArcade Game
Download URLhttps://blood-of-the-young.com/minecraft-apk-pocket-edition-apk/
SupportedAndroid 4+
Date PublishedAugust,16,2011
Current Version1.1.7
Previous Version1.1.4
Download File Size 90.2 MB
Type Of LicenseOpen Source
Genre3D Sandbox
PlatformAndroid OS
ComposerDaniel Rosenfeld

This game has many hidden features which you can only get to know after playing this game. Few basic features are given below:

  • Improves creativity
  • Expand infinite world
  • Discover the creative community and Get unique maps and skins.
  • Give away options for items you don’t need anymore.
  • Modify data-driven behavior to create new resources.
  • Use Free Add-on to customize your further experience.
  • A Multiplayer option allows you to play with 10 friends anytime.
  • Compete in unique mini-game and get socialized with new friends.
  • 100% Malware Free
  • No subscription required

These are a few features of this game which you can use in your smartphone or any android device for free. 

How To Download Minecraft PE Apk For Android Device

There are many platforms in which you can easily play this game. Also, you can buy it from google play store but after lots of research, we found a purchased version for you so that everyone can enjoy this game and improve their creativity. Click on the link below to download  Minecraft PE apk in your android device.

After downloading this apk file. There are few steps which you have to follow for safe installation of this game in your android device.

Note: We don’t promote any fake apps or games. This article is written just to help other people who aren’t able to buy or pay its subscription fee. If you are wealthy or able to buy its paid version then buy it from google play store and let other people use this free version. 

How To Install Minecraft PE Apk in Android Device

Whenever you try to download any application from a third party website you have to allow one permission from your device so that your OS allows permission for the installation process. You have to follow few steps as given below:

  • After downloading apk file from the above link. Click on that file.
  • Now there are two options: “cancel” and “install”. Click on the install button.
  • It will show notification from the settings. Click on settings. 
  • Now you have to allow installation from an “unknown source” option.
  • Open the downloaded file again and click on the install button.
  • Follow the steps given by the app for safe installation.
  • Hurry, You have successfully installed this app on your device.

After using these apps you can install any app from any third party website. Before installing any apps from a third party site make sure that the file is malware-free for the safety of your device and data. You can also try Geometry Dash for more exciting features like unlimited levels or create your own level.

Is Minecraft Apk Free To Use?

No, You get a 30-day free trial and after that, you have a one time fee which is 6.99 USD. If you use the paid version then you will get all the latest updates automatically.

Is The Minecraft PE Apk Free Version Works Fine?

Yes, You can use any paid app for free on your device. The free version has some limitations like you have to download the latest version for updates every time but in the paid version your app will be updated automatically.


This is an amazing game and has many millions of users who created many communities for Minecraft lovers. So that everyone can get to know about the latest updates. Exchange their utilities and team up for multiplayer mode. If you have any queries or feedback please use our Contact Us Page.

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