How Can We Play Multiplayer Mode In Minecraft – For Android, Windows & Xbox

You can know that Minecraft has many features as you can play in single-player mode and multiplayer mode also. It depends on the user only because if you like to play with friends or anonymous players, then you can use its multiplayer mode.

There are many ways in this game which make it’s multiplayer mode easily connect with other players. We have mentioned Two working options that can use for connecting with other players in multiplayer mode.

  1. Using LAN (Local Area Network) – Offline Server and,
  2. Online Server

There are different ways for different devices to connect with other players in multiplayer mode, and these two mostly work for Windows, Android, or Xbox. Therefore, You need to choose method Wisley for the safety of your device.

1. How To Connect Multiplayer Mode In Minecraft Via LAN Server

In this option, You don’t need to connect with the internet. It only needs one server and makes sure that all players joined in the same server. All Players must have the same version of games, and then all players can connect in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft.

Multiplayer mode in minecraft game

For Example –  If you are using an Android device, One player can open its “hotspot,” and all other players have to connect in the same hotspot after that one person can run the world.

Whenever you use LAN for Joining multiplayer mode, make sure that all players have connected in the same network or server (read above example). Also, One player has to run games, and other players will join after running games. 

A. Steps For Starting Multiplayer Mode Of Minecraft Via LAN Server

  • Open Minecraft and click on the “Play” button.
  • Now it will show two options: Create New World and One Icon, which indicate that you can edit the current world after clicking on that icon.
  • After that, click on “multiplayer” and Make sure that you have enabled “ Visible to LAN Players” before connecting in multiplayer mode.
  • Now the One who is going create a game and wait for other players until they connect in-game.

B. Steps To Join Multiplayer Mode Of Minecraft Via LAN Server

  • After creating a game by the host player, Another player has to join the game.
  • Click on “Play” Button shown after starting the game.
  • Now Open “Friends” list and click on any player available in the same LAN Server.

These are straightforward steps for connecting multiplayer mode via LAN Server. So, Whenever you feel lonely in-game. Ask your friends or play with any anonymous players for improving your skills and learn new things while playing.

2. How To Connect Multiplayer Mode Of Minecraft Via Online Server

Minecraft has three default servers (Mineplex, InPvP, and Lifeboat), which are available on Minecraft online server every time. Different players of Minecraft create many other online servers and request or allow different players to join their server.

multiplayer mode in minecraft

You can join any server by just clicking on your preferred server. Also, you can create your external server for a personal team up with friends and mates or allow anonymous players around the world to play in your server.

Now, Click on “Add Server” and fill all necessary details and create your online server. After that, you can add your friends or any anonymous player if you want to play with strangers. 

Many other ways work to play multiplayer mode in Minecraft because this game is available for all devices like Linux, Windows, Android, macOS, etc. So it has a different version for different devices. 

Note: Get the latest version of Minecraft game in your android and windows devices for free, but there are some paid features that you have to buy for real money. All this information has collected from various sources available on the internet.


Minecraft has other version games for its users like Minecraft Realms, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft: Education Edition. Get the real experience of this world-famous game and start creating your world. For Feedback and Queries, You can use our Contact Us Page.

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