Download Pac Man Apk v9.0.3 | Latest Version For Android Device

Enjoy the 80s game in 2020, which we used to play in our home console, Arcade Machine or Computer, but now you can play Pac-Man on your smartphone for free. Pac-Man Apk allows you to play this classic retro game on your smartphone with updated gameplay experience of encountering the four multi-color ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde in this game. You can download its latest version from the download link given below. The best alternative of Minecraft PE Apk and Geometry Dash Apk which is also most played games in 2020

pac man

Pac-Man is a classic retro game that was launched in the 80s by Namco. PAC-Man still in trend because of its fantastic gameplay, which makes this game so much addictive for users. In this game, you can eat dots and gobbles up with fruits for more bonus points. Be aware of ghosts because if ghosts caught you, then you are dead. 

This game has straightforward classic gameplay so that any age group people and enjoy this classic game. You just need to move up, down, left, right to collect dots and avoid ghosts along your way. This game has a psychedelic interface, which makes it more attractive for its users. You can respawn 5 Times if you die and try your luck again.

Features Of Pac-Man Apk

Name Of The App Pac Man Apk
Category Arcade
Publisher Namco
Download URL
Supported Android OS
Date Published June 06, 2016
Current Version v9.0.3
Previous Version v8.0.2
Download File Size 64.5 MB
Type Of License Open Source
Features Classic Retro Game
Requirement Android 4.0+
File Size 64.5 MB

You might have played this game in your childhood. If not, then we must try now. It is a straightforward game for all age group people and has many classic features as listed below:

  • Colorful ghosts named as Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde
  • Classic retro gameplay
  • Easy to play
  • Simple controls like up, down, left and right
  • Avoid Ghosts
  • Different Levels 
  • Collect coins for in-app purchase
  • 100% Malware free
  • Three Difficulty Level Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Free to use

After knowing these divine features, you may be looking for this application in your device. You can easily download its latest version in your android device for free from the link given below.

How To Download Pac-Man Apk In Android Device

If you want to download its latest version in your android device, then you have to download it from any third party application because you find this game in any app store or play store. So, Click on the download link download and enjoy its latest Apk in your android smartphone.

After downloading this apk file, You have to follow a few steps for safe installation of this app in your smartphone.

How To Install Pac-Man Apk In Android Devices

Whenever you download any application from a third-party website, you need to allow a few permission from your android device. Follow the simple steps given below for safe installation. You have always granted permission whenever you download any application from a third party.

  • Click on the downloaded apk file and open it.
  • It will show you two options: cancel and install then click on the install button.
  • It will open a setting in which you have to click on “Allow installation from Unknown sources”.
  • Now Go back to the downloaded apk file and click to open it.

Your installation will start automatically, and others will get installed, then open it and enjoy this fantastic game in your android smartphone.

Is Pac Man Apk Free?

Yes, This may have few paid features for PS4 or other gaming platforms, but you can use this game free on your android device if you download it from the above download link.

How To Play Pac Man?

This game has simple controls like up, down, left, right to move your Pac-Mac so that we can avoid ghosts and collect all Pac-Dots.

What Is Pac Man 256?

It is the 256th level of the original Pac Man game. It is impossible to beat this level easily. You can download this 256th level as Apk also which also has many other features as this game.


Pac Man was launched in the 80s by Namco, which is still a trending game in 2020 because of its amazing features and classic retro gameplay. You can get addicted to this game easily because of its difficulty levels and colorful interface. You can give suggestions or feedback by using our Contact Us Page. 

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