RedBox TV vs Terrarium Tv – ShowDown

This post is regarding the comparison between Redbox tv and terrarium tv. These two are the famous lifestreaming android application which is competing for head to toe in the market. These two apps might have a similar interface but works differently. Redbox tv is based on live streaming and terrarium tv is a server-based application.

Redbox tv vs terrarium tv

On Redbox Tv, you can live stream movies, matches, and tv shows for free. While on terrarium tv you can watch and download any movie and tv show form last 10 years as all the file has been hosted on dedicated servers. In my opinion terrarium tv is the best streaming application as you can watch whenever you like and whatever you like but in Redbox tv, you can watch only the live streaming shows.

Features which make Redbox Tv differ from Terrarium tv

Terrarium TV

  1. Watch any movie from past 10 years
  2. Download any movie you wish to watch
  3. Latest Updates every weekend
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Live streaming not available

Redbox Tv

  1. Live tv and movie streaming
  2. Downloading movies
  3. Stream Matches and other sports
  4. Live updates every day
  5. 1000 of channel languages



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